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Today, only a handful of people in the world have studied Jeet Kune Do under my husband, Bruce Lee. Bob Bremer is one such student, and we are fortunate to have his recollections of Bruce’s teachings recorded in this volume. In the 40-plus years that I have known Bob, his legendary status among JKD practitioners is well-deserved. To my knowledge, Bob has always strived to pass on only the techniques and aspects of Bruce lee that he himself experienced without branching out, elaborating, embroidering on or interpreting anything beyond Bruce’s teaching. I respect Bob’s approach to teaching Jeet Kune Do, for Bruce had much to offer that did not require updating, revising or adapting. With Bob Bremer, you get the real deal.

Tim Tackett was among the first of the second-generation students, and I have known him nearly as long as Bob. Throughout the years he has studied Jeet Kune Do, Tim has also had a well-respected career as a high-school teacher, drama coach and published writer. Together with Bob, they have been passing on Bruce’s art of JKD in Tim’s garage to small groups of privileged students. This practice harkens back to Bruce’s beginnings in the early ’60s, when he taught his art to only a few friends for no compensation. In the ’70s, this was continued during Tim’s first years of Jeet Kune Do training in the original “backyard” group, and the tradition still exists in Tim and Bob’s Wednesday Night Group.

It is of utmost importance that the thoughts and recollections of Bruce’s original students are recorded for the benefit of martial artists who are interested in Jeet Kune Do teachings because they come directly from Bruce Lee. I appreciate the time, effort and primarily the love that Bob and Tim have put into transcribing their experiences. With the publication of this book, the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee will be preserved for the benefit of generations to come.
~ Linda Lee Cadwell

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