Primal Gym is incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to train these fine athletes. Two years straight these kids have won the NJ District 12 Little League Championship. How? By their hard work and dedication. In the off season the team would meet at Primal Gym for hours of Boxing, MMA training combined with a unique blend of Speed and Agility Training. The training covers everything from the toes to the nose increasing the athletes hand eye coordination, muscular endurance, mental toughness the list goes on and on.

Why Boxing Workouts May Benefit Hitters


PRIMAL GYM is proud to announce our newest location Dundalk, Ireland.

Headed up by one of the most talented martial artists anywhere Anthony Cunnane.

Check out his gym at:

Only available in Europe at these locations:

Primal Elite, Belgium with Head Instructor of Primal Europe Dieter Casier

Krav Maga Systems Ireland with Head Instructor Anthony Cunnane

Primal Raw Training is nothing but the bare essence of combat.

Primal Curriculums Includes;

Close Quarter Combatives – Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun

Combat Sports – Boxing, Kickboxing, Submission Fighting, Mixed Martial Arts.

Jeet Kune Do – Learn the training methods of Bruce Lee as it was originally taught.

Primal Training covers in detail both Breadth and Depth of the topics at hand.

Breadth of learning refers to the full span of knowledge of a subject.

Depth of learning refers to the extent to which specific topics are focused upon, amplified and explored.

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HAMILTON >> Knowledge of proper self-defense not only saves lives, but also builds confidence and can improve other areas in life as well.


That’s the lesson Trenton Police Youth Explorers are learning over the course of six months as they participate in self-defense training courtesy of Primal Gym in Hamilton, the training grounds for a few local amateur boxers.

Since January, the Explorers have trained twice a month at the gym, where they learn mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, hand-to-hand combat and other self-defense skills.

“I’ve always wanted the kids to learn some type of self-defense skills,” Detective Phil Peroni said. “We can teach them what we know as police officers, but this is a more structured setting.”

The TPD Youth Explorers Program, which was reinstated in 2014 after a three-year hiatus, is just one of the initiatives local police are using to connect with the city’s young population. The program’s goal is to help young people develop into positive community influences regardless of what career field they choose later in life.

Although self-defense training will be necessary if the kids decide to join the police force, the skills are also useful in everyday life, especially in an urban city where neighborhood cliques often distance themselves from teens who seem mentally and physically weaker than others.

“This type of training can change lives,” Primal Gym owner Jim McCann said. “It gives them direction and a sense of purpose. I’ve seen introverted people all of a sudden become extroverts on some level because they found something they were good at.”

Peroni and now-retired Officer Elsie Vega-Medina started searching for a way to incorporate extensive self-defense training into the Youth Explorers program about two years ago. They eventually connected with McCann who agreed to train the kids for free because TPD doesn’t have the funds in its budget. The Explorers will train every other Sunday through June, and McCann has agreed to continue training some of the kids throughout the summer.

“It’s a way for me to give back to the community,” McCann, who has been training in martial arts and self-defense for the past 43 years, said. “I’ve already seen growth in some of these kids and hopefully they will take that back into the world.”

Just as the goal of the Explorers program is not to convince kids to become police officers, the goal of self-defense training is not to convince teens to become champion fighters.

“Boxing is not only about fighting,” 17-year-old Shinard Bunch, a member of the U.S. Junior Olympic Boxing team, said while taking a break from training the Explorers. “It teaches discipline and respect.”

“Boxing is a great sport that gives kids something to focus on to help them stay out of trouble,” 20-year-old Junior Abel, who won the Diamond Glove tournament as a sub-novice last year, said.

Police Director Ernest Parrey Jr. and Mayor Eric Jackson stopped by the gym Sunday to witness the positive growth of the Youth Explorers as well.

“It makes me feel great to have local kids in the ring inspiring these younger Explorers,” Jackson said. “We don’t talk enough about the good things that are happening around here. Our youth are doing great things not only to inspire themselves, but to inspire younger kids as well. They’re not only using their body, they’re using their minds too. It’s wonderful to see kids working in a positive environment, staying out of trouble and doing things to create a career path. They inspire me as a mayor.”

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We just finished TWO INTENSE DAYS of Training at Dundalk, Krav Maga with Head Instructor Anthony Cunnane who is a super talented instructor. Both Hock and I covered tons and tons of material included:

  • Impact Weapons 
  • Knife / Counter Knife
  • Street Boxing
  • Street Ground Combatives
  • Brutal Clinches & Ruthless Combat Takedowns and Counters to Takedowns
  • In the Clutches Of…
  • Caveman Jiu-Jitsu – Joint Cranks, Locks, & Breaks

It was a great honor to have had the opportunity to go train with such dedicated fighters.




JULY 15 & 16,


Hock McCann Ireland 2017

2 FULL DAY’S of Knife/Counter-Knife and police, military and martial stick/impact -weapon training, Street Boxing, Ground Fighting  with Force Necessary Founder, Hock Hochheim and Primal Gym Founder Jim McCann.

This course is open to all “MARTIALISTS” affiliated or not to The Dundalk Krav Maga School Of Self Defence. To get the UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to train with these two LEGENDS of UNARMED COMBAT and WEAPON TRAINING! Contact us here to secure your place or call us on 0851114604″ – Anthony Cunnane

or email –


Street Boxing

This Art of Boxing

Ground Combatives

Close Quarter Combatives

The Great Escapes

Brutal Clinches & Ruthless Combat Takedowns and Counters to Takedowns

In the Clutches Of…

Top of Form 1
Caveman Jiu-Jitsu – Joint Cranks, Locks, & Breaks

Getting Back Up!!

Weapons Ground Fighting

Worst Case Scenarios

Riot on the Dance Floor – Real Combat Trapping from the Mosh Pit!!

Unarmed vs. Weapons

Quick Kills

Military X Knife Fighting

Invading Knife

Knife Takedowns

Death Grip of the Knife, Extreme Close Quarter, Hand-on-Hands, Blade-on-Blade Battle

Knife Speed Flow Drills

Impact Weapons

Pacific Archipeligo Combatives

Original Chinatown Jeet Kune Do – Wednesday Night Group

Explosive Trapping

Hit the Link Below to Check out some Highlights>>>

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DR J the great basketball player said, “You know a lot of people look at me and say isn’t he lucky he was born with all that talent? But they didn’t see all the years of practice that went into it. My success comes down to one thing. I live by a philosophy: I demand more of myself than anyone else could ever expect. That is how you become a super success.”

“Train Like a Madman!”