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Primal Promotions in association with the WBF Amateur Boxing and NFF Promotions

Presents “Scraapy” Shinard Bunch defending his 141lb Amateur World Title

Saturday January 20th 2018. Doors open at 5PM. Fight Time 6PM
Co Main Event Evan Holyfield for the 152lb Amateur World Title

Primal Gym
3 Nami Lane
Hamilton NJ 08619



Primal Gym is a proud representative of Carlos Catania Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

What is Carlos Catania Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Simply put, Carlos Catania BJJ is NOT your typical sport based technique system. We focus heavily on forcing reactions and causing entanglements, by means of pain and pressure, and extensive technique drilling that seems to have lost its place in many Martial Arts academies’ priority lists. After all, “Drillers make Killers!”

This program is perfect for Self Defense and Fitness, but how devastating is it for Mixed Martial Arts?

It is as ideal as it gets! Why? Because unlike modern day sport Jiu-Jitsu, which typically favors just the ground aspect, this program covers all areas of Submission Grappling. We have infused a high dose of clinch work/tie ups, grip fighting, takedowns and throws from our Judo and Wrestling backgrounds, on top of exemplary ground control, and endless Submission attacks and Submission defense.

Nothing is based on an opponents or adversary’s incorrect reaction to a technique, but instead based solely upon the correct technical reactions to each transition or attack. We must ask ourselves, how would the very best practitioner in the world respond? What does this do?

It forces the student/athlete to memorize techniques 2 and 3 moves ahead, which accelerates the learning curve. The body can only respond so many ways to a takedown, submission attack, position or transition.

Therefore, if these correct reactions are taught in a chain pattern and memorized as such, the student is already reacting one or two moves ahead, and if a technical mistake does occur then things are far simpler than if you only drilled with hopes of an opponent or adversary’s a technical mistake.

We do NOT rely on Position before Submission, but instead Submission from any Position and Submissions throughout Transitions.

Carlos Catania BJJ is as Old School as it gets when it comes to reality fighting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We are a very takedown & throw heavy program, and do not rely at all on any guard pulling techniques whatsoever. It could perhaps be the closest thing to date that resembles what Mitsuyo Maeda originally passed on to Carlos Gracie Sr. in the beginning. Which was based upon Maeda’s ever-evolving fighting style, developed from over 2000 matches with utilizing techniques from Kano Jujitsu (Not named Judo until 1925 in Brazil) and Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling.

Finally, all submissions are taught to all skill levels under proper professor/coach/student discretion and stressing a quality student to coach ratio. A Submission is a Submission and Carlos Catania BJJ does not withhold specific techniques to students due to their current rank. There are NO illegal Submissions in this system. As our motto states: “The Gentle Art is Not Always So Gentle!”

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Primal Gym is proud to announce that our plan for total world domination is beginning to take hold.

Due to our remarkable growth and to meet the needs of our ever-expanding customer base.

We are now moving to a new location

10,000 sq. ft.

That’s no typo

10,000 Fucking sq. ft.

Located right down the road from our existing location at

3 Nami Lane, Hamilton NJ 08619


Expanded Schedule / New Classes and times
2,000 sq ft. mat space
Boxing Ring
Weight Room
2 Locker Room

The New Primal Gym will be fully operational December 1st.


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Primal Radio
Saturday Nights
9PM United Kingdom (UTC)
9PM New York (EST)
Listen to Primal Radio with hosts Jim McCann & Tom McGrath Every Saturday Night or listen to the show anytime in the archives. Primal Radio features interviews Top Athletes, Martial Artists, Coaches, Celebrities, and Entertainers along with irreverent and opinionated talk of the world we live in.


Catch-as-Catch-Can is defined as “using or making due with whatever means are available.” Jiu-jitsu translates to “the gentle art” and Judo translates to “the gentle way.” Catch as Catch Can Wrestling is regarded throughout the world as “the violent art,” due to its aggressive nature when compared to these other popular styles. It is also the father of Olympic Freestyle Wrestling (once commonly known as Amateur Catch as Catch Can) and Collegiate Folk style Wrestling.

Hundreds of years old, it originated in Lancashire England and was developed and refined during the British Empire (1490’s – mid 1900’s). Its dominance in matches against other wrestling styles gained worldwide notoriety around the mid 1800’s. During this same time it found its way to North America via immigrants and world travelers and became the top sport in America by the turn of the 20th century. This grappling art is comprised of takedowns, throws, ground based wrestling rides, breakdowns and transitions combined with a surplus of excruciating submission holds. The term “No Holds Barred” originated with Catch Wrestling, as there are no illegal submissions, holds, pins or takedowns, which makes it extremely effective and efficient for both combat sports and self defense.

Primal Gym is an official Snake Pit U.S.A. training facility who proudly carries on the history and tradition of the legendary Snake Pit name.

For more information on training please contact

Primal Gym

2103 Whitehorse Mercerville Rd

Hamilton NJ 08619





The rumor on the street is that Primal Radio will be back on the air soon after a lengthy hiatus. Primal Radio was a huge hit that aired internationally weekly with listeners in 171 different countries. Primal Radio featured interviews with Top Athletes, Coaches, Celebrities, and Entertainers along with irreverent and opinionated talk of the world we live in.

20170826_142242PRIMAL Gym Fight Night a Great Success.

Sunday afternoon Primal Fight Night IV August 27th was a huge success. Boxers from throughout NJ and PA showed up to test their skills. The athletes ages ranged from 11 years old to 30 years old. It was an incredibly entertaining and competitive show.

Primal Gym would like to thank all the coaches and boxers who participated in the event and especially Jackie Atkins the President of NJ USA Boxing and the officials for being true professionals.

Look out for our next event in November.

Also, if you are looking to train in boxing in an Official USA Boxing Gym with Official USA Boxing coaches then Primal Gym is for you.

Available Training:


  • USA Boxing
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Brazilian Jujitsu
  • Shingitai Jujitsu
  • Kickboxing
  • Catch Wrestling
  • Submission Fighting


  • Military Close Quarter Combatives (CQC)
  • Jeet Kune Do (JKD}
  • Self Defense


  • Kajukenbo
  • Bujutsu Kempo
  • Arnis, Kali
  • JuJitsu


  • Warrior Fit
  • Boot Camps
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Strength & Quickness Training


  • One on One
  • Partner Plus
  • Personal Team
  • Youth & Adult

Primal Gym is located at 2103 Whitehorse Mercerville Rd Hamilton NJ.

For more Intel:

Gym # 609-584-8500


Chinatown jkd book cover
Today, only a handful of people in the world have studied Jeet Kune Do under my husband, Bruce Lee. Bob Bremer is one such student, and we are fortunate to have his recollections of Bruce’s teachings recorded in this volume. In the 40-plus years that I have known Bob, his legendary status among JKD practitioners is well-deserved. To my knowledge, Bob has always strived to pass on only the techniques and aspects of Bruce lee that he himself experienced without branching out, elaborating, embroidering on or interpreting anything beyond Bruce’s teaching. I respect Bob’s approach to teaching Jeet Kune Do, for Bruce had much to offer that did not require updating, revising or adapting. With Bob Bremer, you get the real deal.

Tim Tackett was among the first of the second-generation students, and I have known him nearly as long as Bob. Throughout the years he has studied Jeet Kune Do, Tim has also had a well-respected career as a high-school teacher, drama coach and published writer. Together with Bob, they have been passing on Bruce’s art of JKD in Tim’s garage to small groups of privileged students. This practice harkens back to Bruce’s beginnings in the early ’60s, when he taught his art to only a few friends for no compensation. In the ’70s, this was continued during Tim’s first years of Jeet Kune Do training in the original “backyard” group, and the tradition still exists in Tim and Bob’s Wednesday Night Group.

It is of utmost importance that the thoughts and recollections of Bruce’s original students are recorded for the benefit of martial artists who are interested in Jeet Kune Do teachings because they come directly from Bruce Lee. I appreciate the time, effort and primarily the love that Bob and Tim have put into transcribing their experiences. With the publication of this book, the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee will be preserved for the benefit of generations to come.
~ Linda Lee Cadwell

Learn Original Jeet Kune Do right from the source. Small group & private training avaiable at Primal Gym Hamilton NJ.



Primal Gym is incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to train these fine athletes. Two years straight these kids have won the NJ District 12 Little League Championship. How? By their hard work and dedication. In the off season the team would meet at Primal Gym for hours of Boxing, MMA training combined with a unique blend of Speed and Agility Training. The training covers everything from the toes to the nose increasing the athletes hand eye coordination, muscular endurance, mental toughness the list goes on and on.

Why Boxing Workouts May Benefit Hitters