“Jim McCann is one of the best grappling & stand up teachers that I’ve been around, and I’ve been around a lot of them.”

-Tim Tackett
Founder of the JKD Wednesday Night Group


“Jim and I have been friends and instructors of each other for over 20 years, I have watched his mind leap exponentially into new realms of reality fight science, while he still juggles and toys with sports like a chess master playing checkers. I shudder to think where he’ll be in another ten or twenty years.”

– W. Hock Hochheim
Founder of Scientific Fighting Congress


“If you ever get a chance to train with Jim, Do it! He is the real deal.”

– Mark Hatmaker
Founder Extreme Self Protection


“I really enjoy Jim’s stuff and he is a great teacher.”

– Bob Bremer
Original Bruce Lee Student


“Jim McCann is very talented and has a lot of power in his punches. That’s the way Bruce would like it.”

– Jim Sewell
Original Bruce Lee Student

“I have had the great privilege of training under the instruction of Jim McCann. As a perpetual student of submission grappling, I have not found a better teacher in this ” art and science ” than Jim McCann. His outstanding talent as a fighter and instructor makes him very unique amongst the many grappling teachers of today. His teaching methodology is some of the best I have seen in communicating difficult concepts to even the entry-level student. I highly endorse Jim McCann and recommend him to anyone who wants to obtain expert instruction in the grappling arts.”

– M. Major M.D., Sc.D.

“Some of the best training available on this planet.”

– Captain John Masters Libyan Commandos
H2H Instructor/Thai Boxer/Chinese & Malaysia Kung-Fu Champ

Hong Kong Kickboxing Champ

“Jim McCann is a unique combination of a highly skilled practitioner and selfless teacher with the complex understanding of the application of technique during a violent encounter. I highly recommend that anyone, especially police officers who have the opportunity to train with him, do so! It may save your life one day.”

– Lieutenant Eric Scheffler
Patrol Commander

Atlantic City PD

“McCann is Awesome.”

– Richie Carrion
Founder JKD-Extreme & NAGA Grappling Coach of the year

“Jim is without a doubt one of the best trainers in the business.”

– Stew “The Hammer” Burrows
Retired Boxer

“In my opinion, Jim’s training will get you from a dangerous submission to a dominant position in seconds.”

– Shihan Kevin Beale
American Bujutsu Kempo

“Jim McCann is one of the best instructors in the world. His unique perspectives on combat and fight science make him a ” Must – See” Instructor for anyone serious about their training. Jim has vast knowledge and experience in the fighting sciences in all positions, standing to ground. He isolates combative principles and applies them to form effective, practical fighting tactics for use both in the sports arena and in real world self defense situations. Jim’s material can improve anybody from any system. He is a highly effective teacher with an engaging style and personality. He has produced several videos on fighting that are highly informative, practical and belong in all serious trainers’ libraries. I have been training for over forty years in a variety of martial systems and styles. I have seen hundreds of instructors on four continents and have been lucky enough to have trained under some of the best in the world. Jim McCann is without a doubt, one of the best I have seen. I tell everyone, ” If you have a chance to train with Jim McCann, go and see him. He will only make you better.”

– Tim Llacuna
Chief CQC Instructor


“In my 13 years of service in the U.S. Army I’ve trained all over the world. Jim McCann was by far the best instructor that I’ve ever had. Jim doesn’t teach you what to do when in a fight; he teaches you how to react. If you have to think about what you need to do in a fight you lose that split second that could cost you everything. I was recently involved in an altercation where an attacker struck me on the side of my head; I didn’t think I just reacted. Before I had realized what was going, I saw him on the ground; I then noticed that I was holding onto his hand. He was in a wrist lock and I was in control. He had a few seconds to think about his choices in life and I was able to decide if I should pummel his head into the ground or not. Jim opens the door for you to a new world of understanding. Everything that he teaches you is just another tool in your kit bag for you to employ. Never cocky or arrogant, Jim takes the time to help you figure out what will work best for you to develop your fighting skills. Unfortunately, the Army decided that I needed to move away from where Jim teaches and trains regularly. If I’m lucky I get to train with him once or twice a year. Whenever the Army tells me that I’m moving, Jim is the first person that I contact to find out who he would recommend that I train with.”

– Major T. Dugan
U.S. Army

“Jim McCann’s seamless transitions from sport to street are nothing short of amazing, useful in whatever situation you may find yourself”

– Ron Estellar
Founder D.T.A.C. Defensive Tactics And Concepts

Black Belt Hochheim Combatives
FMA Combatives

“Jim is tough as nails, an outstanding trainer and a nice guy.”

– Juan de Castillo
Spec Ops

“What Jim is teaching can save your life.”

– R.T.
Federal Law Enforcement Officer

“I highly recommend Jim’s comprehensive and realistic approach to fighting in all ranges from standing to the ground.”

– Grandmaster R.J. Oak
American Bujutsu Kempo

“Jim covered more street viable techniques in a few hours of training, than I had seen in all the years of grappling seminars I have attended combined.”

– Lee Mimms
Huntsville Self Defense Club

South Eastern Kenpo 4th.Dan
JHK Kyushu jitsu 5th Dan
SFC Expert Instructor

“Nobody has done a better job of integrating practical grappling techniques into a complete, street-effective, ground combatives program. The best advice I could give anyone is to do what I have done, become a student of Jim McCann.”

– Mike Gillette
Threat Management Trainer

“I’ve worked with alot of world class trainers and more then any of them Jim McCann gets his point across in a user friendly big picture way. Awsome.”

– Scott Pederson
2nd Degree Black Belt Tracy Kenpo

Certified Shootfighting Instructor
Kick Down Claassic Welter Weight NHB Champion



“Over the years I have worked with many great fighters and trainers. Jim McCann is one of a rare breed that is both. Jim is an incredible fighter, but also knows how to make you become a better fighter. He has no ego and only searches for the truth in combat for himself and his students. Jim McCann is the man!!!”

– Dean Goldade
Founder – Hawaiian Combatives, 6th Degree Black Belt

FMA Instructor, JKD Instructor, MMA Instructor

“I just had the pleasure of watching Jim McCann’s The Art of Boxing Series and they are absolutely awesome. Do yourself a favor and get this series. You will not be disappointed.”

– Nick Hughes
French Foreign Legion

6th Degree Black Belt Combat Karate
5th Degree Black Belt Zen Do Kai, 4th Degree Black Belt Ju-Jitsu,
3rd Degree Black Belt Yoshinkan Aikido, 1st Degree Black Belt Judo

“I am not one to be fooled in flash or unproven concepts, but this is one man who lacks flash and has all proven concepts & techniques.”

– Keith Allan
JKD Filipino Martial Arts Head Instructor

Combative Arts Institute of Rhode Island

“Jim’s boxing DVDs are the best I have seen covering the basics of the sweet science. The Chain Drills are total money — the essence of boxing fundamentals. I have reviewed all 12 of Jim’s MMA and boxing DVDs to date. What sets them apart from the others is Jim’s outstanding teaching style, personality and clarity of organization. Highly recommended for both coaches and students.”

– Steve Cooke
Martial Artist and Boxing Coach

Kennewick, WA

“Whether you’re training for MMA or the street, Jim McCann can take your game to the next level. Jim is simply one of the best.”

– Brad Burkett
3rd degree Black belt Kajukenbo

Master Instructor Knife Combatives (S.F.C.I.)
“Jim McCann’s “The Art of Boxing” DVD series is, by far, the best instructional series I have ever seen. Where Jim’s series differ from others is that his ACTUALLY TEACHES YOU HOW TO BOX. Most sets do not go into anywhere near enough detail to be effective. This series is detail oriented and tells the HOW, WHEN and theWHY techniques should be used. I learned more watching The Art of Boxing than I did training with some of the best boxers around. Remember… some boxers can fight, some can teach. It is a rare few who can do both well. Jim McCann can do both like no other. The Art of Boxing DVD’s were the best value of ANY of the LITERALLY HUNDREDS of DVD’s I own. I give them my highest possible recommendation. Buy the set. You will not be disappointed.”

– Charles “Big Chuck” Doyle, M.A.
Black Belt Combat Sambo, Purple Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Masters Division, USA BOXING

“Jim is a living encylopedia of martial arts knowledge, and one that has been flying “under the radar” for too long. A dynamic and engaging teacher as well as a skilled athlete, Jim’s real talent is taking his huge sum of knowledge and making it practical to your particular system or systems. Jim is brilliant at finding the bridges that connect our various arts and bring new dimensions to our skill sets. This guy is a hidden treasure in a field full of inflated egos, inflated bios, and out-right frauds.”

– Rob Kloss
4th Dan Tang Soo Do

6th Dan Sin Moo Hapkido
SFC Basic Instructor

“I used to be a gym rat up until a few years ago when my job became too overwhelming. As a man in my late-thirties, the weight piled on quicker than it did in my twenties. I wanted to get back in shape but really couldn’t motivate myself the way I used to. I started taking private boxing lessons with Jim twice per week and and lost 20 lbs in the first two months without any major changes in my diet. That’s never happened to me before, no matter how many weights I’ve lifted or how many minutes I’ve spent on the treadmill. I’ve since been attending the evening martial arts classes as well so I’m there about 4 days per week. I actually enjoy going to the gym once again and know that everything that Jim and Pat teach is effective and practical. No wax on, wax off…. these guys are the real deal!

There’s a true team feeling among the members at Primal Gym, and Jim McCann is the most knowledgeable, passionate, and effective professor I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. You have every resource available here and it’s an amazingly welcoming environment. We have FUN every time we workout!”

– Edward Brienza


“Jim McCann , one of the best. not only as an instructor, also as human and great friend, an honor to know him.”

– Hans De Burchgraeve
Full Instructor JKD – (Tim Tackett)

Wednesday Night Group Board of Directors

“I have been studying and practicing martial arts for over 40 years. Black belt in two styles, kickboxing etc. I thought I knew how to fight. Turns out I did not. At least not until I met Jim. Jim McCaan teaches “applied” fighting skills. JKD, Boxing, MMA, Submission Wrestling knowledge and real skills taught to be direct and to the point with nasty implications. All dished out with an outrageous sense of humor. He is smart and a great communicator. I’ve never had so much fun getting my ass beat.”

– Jim Sachs
Lifetime Martial Artist

“I recently started training with Jim McCann and can honestly say it’s the best private training I’ve ever had. We’ve focused mostly on boxing and conditioning and he’s been top notch in both areas. I took some classes with similar goals at a gym in the past for about a year and in a few sessions Jim has far surpassed the training I had received in the past. I feel like I am learning quickly and Jim adapts well to my learning style and always has insights that help me with my footwork, breathing as well as broad-stroke knowledge about self defense and fitness. I highly recommend his services!”

– Eric Dziurzynski

“My name is Mike Austin I’m a retired decorated police officer and I have been training in street combatives and officer survival for over 20 years. I also own Never Surrender Self Defense and I sit on the executive board of AWSDA (American Women’s Self Defense Association).

As a board member of AWSDA I travel the country assisting in the training and certification of rape prevention instructor and it has given me the opportunity to train with a multitude of self defense instructors.

As an officer I have faced edged weapons, guns, multiple attackers, and EDP’S (emotionally disturbed people), so I know first hand if an instructor truly knows what combat fighting is and Jim definitely does.

I am very selective on who I choose to train with because I have lived through what most instructors have only pretended to face while they trained with their toy weapons in their nice safe gym. Most so called experts have no clue what a real fight looks like on the street. I have been training with Jim several times a week for years and he still impresses me with how well he can share his knowledge with students regardless of their level of experience.

I am totally willing to put my reputation on the line and state that Jim is the best instructor I have ever trained with. Jim has an in-depth knowledge in what true combat fighting is and he has the teaching ability to convey that knowledge to his students.”

– Mike Austin



“I know Jim for many years and i have to say for my believe He has the most knowledge about martial art in every style (JKD,CQC,MMA,Boxing,etc…..)

its a honor to include myself as one of his instructor under his system for beiing a representive of europe and call him one of my mentors ,but most importantly, my friend

I higly recommend Jim McCann if you wanna be one of the best ,than train and learn from the best….”

– Dieter Casier
Founder/owner/full Instructor of Backyard Group Belgium

Founder and Owner of Reality Fighting Academy Belgium
Full JKD instructor Jeet Kune Do Belgium -Hans De Burchgraeve
Full Close Combat instructor -Hans De Burchgraeve
Full Free Fight instructor -Hans De Burchgraeve
1st Degree Black Belt Close Quarter Combatives – ( Jim McCann)
Full Instructor Jeet Kune Do – (Jim McCann)
Associate Instructor Jeet Kune Do (Tim Tackett Wednesday Night Group)
Representive Kali Method Belgium. Level: Quarter Moon
Full instructor BOTMA
Blue Belt Judo
Blue Belt Shotokan Karate

“I have had the great privilege of training with Jim McCann for almost 20yrs. His teaching style is simple, efficient, and very effective. His skills will help you excel as a fighter, and his street self-defense knowledge will bring you to a new level of confidence. If you are looking for the best instruction in JKD, boxing, and grappling then go with the expert Jim McCann.

– Steve Servillo
Assistant JKD Instructor under Tim Tackett and Jim McCann


“My name is Gina DiStefano, I am a 31 year old single mom. I have been training with Jim McCann for over a year now. I always strived to be active and stay in shape but my body and mind seemed to be at a standstill. I was going to my daily gym doing the same routines everyday and felt like I was getting no where. I really was looking for something that would push me and where I could walk away feeling that my body and mind reached a new limit. Another concern for me was I was a full time single mom out in the world with my 4 year old son, I needed to feel I could protect myself and my child. Jim has taught me different defense tactics that every woman should know. I’ve gained so much this past year, including strengths I never knew I had, muscles that never seemed to want to show before, and a new friend that I know will last a lifetime. This isn’t just a gym, it’s a family where everyone supports each other, and a place where we all have a common goal , just to better ourselves inside and out. And of course let our inner animal loose!”

– Gina DiStefano
Loyal Fighter

“Jim McCann is the most efficient and effective instructors on the planet. He is one of the most well-rounded and dynamic people that I’ve ever met in my entire life. Jim has made me the best version of myself. Since joining Primal Gym, I am in better shape, I’m healthier, I am a much better fighter, and I’m a better person. Training with Jim McCann can only be understood when experienced firsthand. ”

– Andrew Brienza

“Trained with Jim for just two days, it was concise, intelligent and brilliant training. His approach is awesome. I could only dream about attending his gym full time.”

– Sumeet Bains
London , England

“Though I haven’t been to the Gym yet, I have trained with Jim McCann and he is a top shelf coach. He will work your ass off and train you with proven technique, not the latest fad. He is the teacher’s teacher.”

– Jason Gutierrez

“Training with Jim McCann at Primal Gym has been a life changing experience for me. Jim’s awesome coaching style pushes you to be the best you can be and also has an amazing way of making you feel comfortable even during the most uncomfortable parts of the training process. In a short amount of time I have seen noticeable increases in energy, stamina, self-confidence, productivity, and overall health and fitness. In my opinion there is no better way to improve yourself: mind, body and soul. Get Some!”

– Gabe Gutchigian

“The Real Deal and super committed to his boxers & fighters. Jim has experience that transcends his time on this planet!!!”

– Mark Roxey – USA Boxing Coach & Boxer



“Primal Gym is an Awesome place to train”

– John Potenza – Snake Pit USA

“I am very pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Coach Vince Gonzales. Coach Gonzales is a great man and a very outgoing person. As a player Coach Gonzales made me a better player then I could have ever imagined. ”

– Quincey
ITIA Sports Strength and Conditioning

Great gym and staff. Vince Gonzales kicks my butt on a weekly basis. Down 32 pounds since January and feel great. Professionals in and out! Personalized workouts and great atmosphere.”

– Andrew Patterson

“Had my second session today and it kicked my butt. Can’t wait to see the results with the help of the trainers. They keep you motivated and won’t stop until you finish the rep. Love it.”

– Thomas McKiernan


“Awesome sessions with Vince! Feeling great and ready for more each week!!!!”

– Angela Peroni-Foti

“Every week, I feel myself getting stronger and stronger. You push me to give my all and with each session I’m one step closer to my goal. Thank you Vince”

– Barbara Carey

“MMA gyms are a place where men can be men. Hibernia Fight Gym was where men could be Neanderthals. I miss that place”

– Brett Linebarger – Former Pro MMA Fighter, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

“Thanks Jim for all the great times and great friendships I made at Hibernia. I’ll never forget it. It was without a doubt the place that taught me how to fight and what it was to truly be tuff.”

– George Hibbs – Former Pro MMA Fighter

“Feeling at home so far. I’ve lost weight and gained knowledge and discipline in one month.”

– Raquel Salas

“Had my first session today and it kicked my butt. Can’t wait to see the results with the help of the trainers. They keep you motivated and won’t stop until you finish the rep. Love it.”

– Thomas McKiernan

Great“5 Stars – Great gym and staff. Vince Gonzales kicks my butt on a weekly basis. Down 32 pounds since January and feel great. Professionals in and out! Personalized workouts and great atmosphere.”

– Andrew Patterson

  gym run by great instructors. These guys take what can be an intimidating environment and make it easily approachable for every skill level. I highly recommend Primal Gym to anyone interested in getting in shape and having fun while doing it.

– Brian Cordeiro

I began training at Primal Gym when they opened the Hamilton location, having previously trained at a few other places. Right from the start, it was clear that Jim and Patrick did not learn martial arts from viewing videos on YouTube. Bruce Lee in Tao of Jeet Kune Do and other writings advices to “Use only that which works.” This is the approach and philosophy that Jim and Patrick bring to martial arts; both bring real world relevance to each class. The JKD/combatives classes are crisp and tight, devoid of wasted movements that contribute nothing to winning a real fight. The knife fighting classes are geared to how a real knife fight takes place rather than what many other places teach which is very artistic in its movements but yet will get you killed in a real knife fight. Along with the JDK/combatives classes, the kicking boxing classes are also a favorite of mine. My movements and punches have improved significantly in the past few months. Jim pointed out the slight tale-tell signs that preceded my punches. I see a definite improvement when I spar. Everyone has an opportunity to spar but is not required. The submissions classes include the best from the grappling arts including catch wrestling.

I recommend that you give Primal Gym a try; you will be pleased.

– Brian Manieri

If you want to get fit or learn how to fight then Primal Gym is the place for you. Primal gym offers instructors experts in their field of sport fighting: traditional boxing/ kickboxing, submission wrestling and mixed martial arts; as well as Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and Close Quarter Combat which is practical for street self defense.

The facility offers a full-size boxing ring, wrestling mats, heavy bags, TRX bands, medicine balls, kettle bells, battle ropes, plyo boxes, cardio equipment and much more and even TIRES for flipping and sledgehammers for crazy warrior fit training.

On a personal note I was a former student of Krav Maga. For some reason I felt that I was not getting enough. For the time and money that I spent doing it, I felt I was missing one aspect of fighting…The grounding game. Although Krav Maga offered me a great workout there were certain fundamental techniques I had trouble grasping. This was the one reason why I checked out another gym. Within two months working with Jim and his staff I felt confident fighting on my feet and also fighting on the ground. Primal Gym also offers weapons training as a part of their self defense class. The material that is taught at Primal Gym is REAL and will work in real life.

Primal Gym also offers a warrior fit class which is a non-fighting circuit training class. This class is equivalent to any private small group training or cross fit. This class is designed to kick your butt and get you in shape. Great for beginners too!

What I like most about Primal Gym are the people that go there. Everyone is nice and friendly AND THERE ARE NO EGOS. Primal Gym has their fair share of advanced, intermediate and beginner students… It is a place for everyone!

Dollars and cents…. I am paying $100 per month for unlimited classes. Which I feel is a steal. For the money that you are paying and the high quality training that you’re getting I feel that this is the best kept secret in New Jersey. There are no belt systems which eliminates any testing fees. If you want you can pay for some of the workshops that come to the gym which I highly recommend. There’s also private training if you want but there is no up selling.

In closing I feel at home at Primal Gym and I look forward to every single workout……..this place well worth checking out!

– Victor Hom


If you’re serious about training Jim and his staff at Primal Gym is the only place in town. I was looking for a better way to train and get in shape so I visited Jim McCann over 5 years ago. I never went anywhere else since. Jim has taught very usable boxing and self-defense skills which apply to everyday situations in life. Forget about the super fit shape you get in when working with Jim or any of his staff members, your confidence and ability to protect yourself and others when needed is priceless. I look forward to my sparring sessions and ad hoc workouts we put together anytime we work out. I highly recommend Primal Gym and look forward to continuing my training there. Jim is a very talented teacher and extremely knowledgeable about many different self-defense techniques.

– Tino C


Primal Gym opened up in Hamilton in the beginning of 2015 I walked in and was welcomed immediately by Jim and Pat. They make you feel right at home while providing first class training and knowledge into what they do. It does not matter your skill level they will take the same amount of time and dedication to get you to where you want to be.

The best move I have made so far this year is joining Primal Gym. I cannot sing their praises enough.

– Mark O’Neill


Primal Gym is the best I’ve gone to. Trainers are serious. And they work excellent with there students. Warrior Fit to MMA to Jeet Kune Do , Submission ETC and Many more come by and see it for your self.

– Jorge Rivera

“Nice atmosphere, great staff, clean and well-kept facility!”

– Shukur Towns

“Just had my first session with Jim! It was everything I was hoping for!!….Pain & real athletic training!!”

– Tiffany Swinton

“Jim is the man AWESOME knowledgeable, friendly coach. Gym has amazing energy !!”

– Elvis Rodriguez


I’m so excited to be a member of Primal! Jim McCann and his staff are incredibly talented and very professional. They are a pleasure to know and I have great respect for the knowledge they bring to the ring. Specifically my trainer, Jayson Flip Sia, pushes me to the next level with creative cross training and boxing – he’s truly the BEST! Jayson keeps it new and exciting during my Personal Training, Warrior Fit, and Sunday Boot Camp so I’m never bored and I’m always getting better! Primal is my fitness home! #goals #gratitude

– Kamara M. Blackman


This is an awesome gym that has expert boxers coaching nightly classes (just take a look at Jim’s bio to see for yourself!). Boxing is a great cardio workout, and the sequences are a great way to keep me mentally on my toes in a different, new, and FUN way, too!! I love the diversity in this gym. I’m inspired by young teenagers, men and women who have been working out for decades, and newcomers too! Jayson Sia is an awesome addition to this gym. His personal training is amazing. He truly cares, listens to what his clients want, and is a true coach in every sense of the word! Come check it out!!!

– Amy Myers


Awesome facility! I had the pleasure of attending a Snake Pit USA seminar there and had a blast. Jim was super friendly and welcoming. Looking forward to getting back there for another training session!!

– Brandon Browne


I love the workout, intense training and friendly staff. Had 2 sessions so far and really feel it – looking forward to the high impact sessions and getting back in shape.

– Devon Torma